Youngers & Sons Manufacturing

Youngers and Sons Manufacturing Company is a modern, manufacturer of precision machined parts and welded assemblies. The company is located southwest of Wichita, Kansas; a little way out of the metropolitan area, but near enough for access to material, heat treat and finishing services.

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Our Commitment

At Youngers and Sons Mfg. Co., Inc., we are committed to providing our customers Machining services, sub-assembly support, and High value process engineering solutions to support these customers in the production of their products. We develop solid customer relationships based on high quality standards, and reliable commitments to provide quality product consistently through a committed and engaged workforce.

Our Services

Precision Machining

Youngers & Sons armada of equipment is flexible to meet any machining needs.Learn More »


Youngers & Sons has a history of assembly experience.Learn More »


Youngers & Sons does have a welding cell and can provide manual and semi-automatic welding to support manufactured product needs.Learn More »

Coordinate Measuring Machines

Our CMMs measure the geometry of all our machined parts.Learn More »


Youngers & Sons is able to provide through outside sourcing, finishing processes.Learn More »


Youngers & Sons grinding cell provides CNC grinding machines for parts and castings.Learn More »


Youngers & Sons has an in-house broaching service.Learn More »


Youngers & Sons offers balancing and vibration services on machined parts and castings.Learn More »

Our Markets

Youngers & Sons Manufacturing Inc. supplies components to many markets including original equipment manufacturers in the agriculture, oil and gas, mining, hydraulics, construction, aerospace, and energy industries.

  • Agriculture
  • Oil & Gas
  • Hydraulics
  • Construction
  • Aerospace
  • Energy

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