Manufacturing Services

Precision Machining

Youngers & Sons armada of equipment is flexible to meet any machining needs. Our capacities include CNC turning, milling, drilling and assembly combined with heat treating and various other operations to make state of the art OEM machined components. Error checking every part run with the most up-to-date CMM machines.


Youngers & Sons has a history of assembly experience. Our assembly process range from simple sub-assemblies to complex product lines. Youngers & Sons combines error checking CMM’s with our assembly process to reduce the possibility of error.


Youngers & Sons does have a welding cell and can provide manual and semi-automatic welding to support manufactured product needs.

Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM)

Our CMMs measure the geometry of all our machined parts. We also contract out our CMMs as a service. Quality labs can be a stressful stop in the manufacturing process, and Youngers & Sons can take the pressure off small shops providing accurate, precise measurements.


Youngers & Sons is able to provide through outside sourcing, finishing processes including paint, surface and heat treatments…etc. Youngers & Sons is able to support your needs with one of several partnered outside service providers.


Youngers & Sons grinding cell provides CNC grinding machines for parts and castings.


Youngers & Sons has an in-house broaching service. In cases for features beyond our internal capabilities, we have several supplier partners to provide these features.


Youngers & Sons offers balancing and vibration services on machined parts and castings.

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